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  • D Mouhot
    D Mouhot

    Tiffany is amazing and on it!! We got our fence in ASAP and couldn’t be happier. They would of finished in one day, but spacing of openings was not to specs that asked for. But they came back next morning finished it up and it looks amazing. Animals are much more at peace due to not seeing all the action in the neighborhood. Thank you sooo much Tiffany!

  • Lisa Anderson
    Lisa Anderson

    We decided to go with Superior Fence and definitely don't regret it! Our project was very large, but they were hard working, friendly and easy to work with. Price point was great for how large our yard is. Project took a few extra days, but still finished before our deadline (bringing home a new pup). I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a privacy fence!! Thanks team!

  • Follow Up 2: 22 May 2020, After my initial complaint, Tiffany resolve the communication problems we were having and the fence was eventually finished. The final product does look good.Follow up: Tiffany returned my call promptly to work towards a resolution. We have a plan in place.COVID-19 restrictions have not made doing business in Michigan easy on anybody. I signed the contract in March, and I have had 2 communications (both of which I have initiated) including one where the fence guy is venting in the background because I called toask for an update. I do not think it is an unfair expectation to give courtesy calls after 2 months of waiting on the status of the fence being built. I have initiated both contacts, where Tiffany finally called me back. I especially expect more communication when I have made a substantial (for my pocketbook at least) down payment.

  • Elizabeth Wyss
    Elizabeth Wyss

    Tiffany from T. Buell is fantastic to work with! Her crew went above and beyond to come to our property to go over our project on OUR time, even though it meant a lot of extra driving for them. The team completed the fence in the time specified, working into the evening with flood and headlamps. Super respectful, attentive, and friendly from leadership to installers. They left no trace of their work and were a joy to have on site. HIGHLY recommend! Affordable, reliable, flexible, hire veterans; an overall great experience!

  • Tiffany from T. Buell is fantastic to work with! Her crew went above and beyond to come to our property to go over our project on OUR time, even though it meant a lot of extra driving for them. The team completed the fence in the time specified, working into the evening with flood and headlamps. Super respectful, attentive, and friendly from leadership to installers. They left no trace of their work and were a joy to have on site. HIGHLY recommend! Affordable, reliable, flexible, hire veterans; an overall great experience!

  • Philip J Warden
    Philip J Warden

    Very happy with my new fence. I considered doing this job myself and I am glad to say I did not. Not only is the fence itself better than I would of bought at a big box store but the installation was done far better than I could have done. Very fair price and fantastic job! Thank you.

  • I hired these guys to replace my existing crumbling fence with a new treated wood privacy fence, and I'm very happy with every stage of the project. The quote was done promptly, communication was straightforward, price was very competitive, and the quality of installation seems top notch. The installation crew did a great job with meticulous attention to detail and didn't try charging me for some little complications that inevitably came up. I had to wait a couple of months between the quote and the installation, but it's a busy season and they still beat the original estimate of when the project would be completed. Highly recommended!

  • Chuck Garcia
    Chuck Garcia

    Great Job, privacy fence & driveway gate look Awesome, Good group of Guys doing the job as well!!

  • Richard Bray
    Richard Bray

    Great company staff is very knowledgeable. The fence material is second to none. I have already recommended the company to family and friends.

  • ahmed hussein
    ahmed hussein

    These guys are awesome, quick to rip the fence down and install was fast ,friendly and fast ,Igot four quotes they beat them all.

  • ****Amended Review****WOW... what a change of events... a representative just dropped off not only the cost of repairing my sprinkler system, but a gift to be used towards the purchase of my mom's annual Mother's Day grave blanket! (Please refer to post below). If I can write about the ills of a company, I can certainly take the time to write the exact opposite. What a fine company Superior Fence is with morals, decency, respect and professionalism that is out of this world! If you read the original post, I was angry about having to foot the bill for broken sprinkler pipes, due to Superior Fence's installation. Last week, my fence was beautifully installed, but due to the installation, some pipes were broken; this was discovered by the underground sprinkler professional. But today, I learned that Superior Fence is a company who cares so much about their reputation and that my anger led them to to reimburse me for the broken pipes. Who does that these days?! I stated that my fence was beautifully installed but had broken pipes. Thanks to Superior Fence and the most kindest gesture ever I NOW have: 1. a beautiful fence, 2. reimbursement money for the broken pipes for my sprinkler system and 3. a bit extra to help honor my deceased mom on Mother's Day... totally unexpected!!!!! Here is a company with heart. Not only do they care about craftsmanship, and professionalism, but they have a heart. This act of kindness speaks volumes and this is one to share with anyone looking to have a fence installed. So I say to you today, that because of their heart-warming display, please have your fence installed by Superior Fence. They will TRULY exceed your expectations. I will certainly recommend Superior Fence to anyone who needs a fence installed. What an amazing group of people here! Thank you, T. Buell's Superior Fence! **************************************************************************************I had a fence installed earlier this year from this company. Although they took a bit of time to get here due to the installer having issues with his truck, I still wanted them to install my fence. The fence is beautiful but as you see pictured here, they busted a pipe, that is part of my underground sprinkler system. Now mind you that there was no damage done before the fence installation, either just before installation nor in previous years. I get ready to activate my system for this year's spring and summer... I and I am told that the pipe is burst. I called this company today to see if I could get reimbursed for this and was told no. So, in terms of using this company, I am going to have to warn you about the damage that could be done to your property despite a beautiful fence. It may be worth you shopping around for a company that will take care of your property while installing your desired fence. I am left here with a busted pipe, the cost of repairing this oh and did I mention that Mother's Day is nearing and I have to purchase a beautiful blanket for my mother's grave because she is deceased? This is the kind of thing that really makes consumers angry... I would stay away from this company and go somewhere else for your fencing needs/wants. Needless to say that this cuts into the purchase of my mother's Mother's Day blanket for her grave. SMH..... Thank you, Superior Fence for making life just a bit more difficult. I needed that. (Said me never in my sane mind.)

  • Jose A Avalos
    Jose A Avalos

    Great service

  • A Big Thank You to Darin (sales) Tiffany (Project Manager) John and his Crew (Installers) for Making Sure We Were Completely Happy With Our Fence.. It Looks Great.. Becky & Bob Wilson

  • Lisa Richardson
    Lisa Richardson

    I can not say enough about this company. Very professional, great people, installed two weeks earlier then estimated time frame, cared about quality and making sure we got what we wanted, very fast install but done with quality and precision, cleaned up the yard and washed the fence once install was complete. Seriously we could not be happier. The fence is beautiful and made of great quality. Thank you Superior Fence!

  • Rob Culver
    Rob Culver

    We couldn't be happier with our fence. It makes our whole backyard feel brand new. Highly recommended!

  • Maryn K.
    Maryn K.

    We had a great experience with Superior Fence.  We had many issues with the independent contractor that we hired and without hesitation the owners helped get our fence and gate finally installed.  They were extremely polite, nice and understanding and we are truly grateful.  Their material is beautiful! We couldn't be happier and would definitely use Superior Fence again and recommend them to anyone!

  • T Buell’s Superior Fence did a excellent job installing my 280’ of white vinyl privacy fence. Their price was the best of 5 quotes I got for my job. The crew is a bunch of hard working professionals. I highly recommend T Buell’s if you are looking for a company to install a new fence.

  • Fritz Pfaff
    Fritz Pfaff

    Good communication and very professional work. Would recommended to anyone looking for a fence or gate of any kind.

  • roy1795

    Very professional. Great work. Highly recommended.

  • Kristy K.
    Kristy K.

    We had a great experience chosing Superior Fence for our vinyl fence installation. Easy to work, great at responding and communication, and worked quickly with our timeline. When comparing quotes with other places, their price was slightly below others. Would recommend to others.

  • C. M.
    C. M.

    Superior Fence is a stellar company. The company expertly installed a beautiful vinyl fence that allows for my backyard to be more secluded. The fence also adds value to my home! We had a slight issue, but the issue was quickly resolved! Superior Fence is stellar, fantastic and overall respectful of your time and money.  They exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend them for your fencing needs. Thank you, Superior Fence! I truly appreciate ALL that you have done!

  • Nora A.
    Nora A.

    We originally had an issue with the original gate becoming warped within a month of install but The company came back and fixed our gate and we couldn't be happier with the quick fix. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a high quality and competitively priced fence of any kind.

  • Ben K.
    Ben K.

    I had a very good experience with Superior Fence from start to finish. Their prices were competitive, better than other options. I worked with Darren who helped provide support for walking the property and talking through options for the fence. We went with the white vinyl option. We chose the cape cod caps. It turned out beautifully. He was engaged through out the process. He even spoke with my neighbors who were very tough to deal with. He handled it like a champ. The installers were professional, friendly, and answered any questions we had. The owner even stopped by a few times during the process. Would highly recommend them to install your fence.

  • Luz Ladybug
    Luz Ladybug

    The staff was great and helpful. Prices were very good too! I definitely recommend this company.

  • Michele Spisak
    Michele Spisak

    Superior fence installed my fence a few weeks earlier than originally estimated. They installed it quickly and professionally. It looks great and they were the best peice.

  • Sherrie Hill
    Sherrie Hill

    I live in the Rosedale Park Community and I am very satisfied. My fence and gate is beautiful and its the talk of the neighborhood. My yard looks great with the color. Well worth the wait. Sorry for being a pest but I want the best.Thankyou, Sherrie Hill

  • Michele Spisak
    Michele Spisak

    Did a great job installing my fence. Looks great and great price.

  • Amy S.
    Amy S.

    Excellent. These guys were great from beginning to end. The guys who installed our vinyl fence worked so hard in the 90 degree, high humidity weather. We are completely satisfied and love our new fence.

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