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Fence Permit Requirements in Birmingham

The city of Birmingham is very easy to deal with when obtaining a fence permit and most permits are approved within 2-4 business days. Birmingham now allows you to apply for a fence permit online through the BSA Online website. At Superior Fence, we will take care of all the permit paperwork for you if choose to hire our fence company to install your project!

The fence permit cost in Birmingham is $50

Click Here to visit the official website for the city of Birmingham

Permit Application

Use this link to download the fence permit application. This can be used by homeowners, fence companies and contractors alike. Fill out the application with details regarding your property and proposed fence. Once completely filled out and signed, turn it into the Birmingham building department.

Proposed Layout

A copy of a detailed layout of the proposed fence must accompany your fence permit application (There is an area on the permit application for this). Details to include are: fence type, fence height, any existing fences, property lines, etc.

Fence Ordinances in Birmingham Michigan

The City of Birmingham is an easy city when it comes to getting a permit and having a fence installed. Here is a brief overview of the fence ordinances for Birmingham Michigan. This is not a complete or definite list and should never be used in support of a dispute. Click here to review the complete document of codes and ordinances regarding fences in Birmingham.

Design & Height Requirements

  • Fences in Berkley can be installed using any common type of fence including: vinyl, wood, chain link and aluminum.
  • If you are installing a fence in your back or side yard, the maximum height that you are allowed to go is 6 feet tall.
  • If you are installing a decorative fence in your front yard, however, the height cannot exceed 3 feet tall.

Location Requirements

  • The only major details to consider when planning the layout of your fence installation is that you must install the fence on the inside of your property line.
  • The finished side, or good side, of the fence may face either your neighbors property or your property.

Birmingham, MI. Building Department Info

The Birmingham building department is where you will find information that you need in regards to having your new fence installed. Details regarding permits, ordinances, and property information can be obtained here.


151 Martin Street. Birmingham, MI. 48009


(248) 530-1800


The Birmingham City Hall is located between Woodward Avenue and Southfield Road. The Building Department is located in the Community Development Department #223 on the second floor of the City Hall Building.