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Fence Permit Requirements in Dearborn Heights MI

Below you will see a list of all of the documents and details that are required in order to obtain a fence permit from the city of Dearborn Heights. Once you gather these documents, submit them to the building department. They will review the permit documents, approve or deny, and call you when the permit is ready for pickup. At Superior Fence, we will take care of all the permit paperwork for you if choose to hire our fence company to install your project!

The fee for a fence permit is based on the cost of the proposed project. Visit the Building/Zoning Fee list to find out the cost of a fence permit.

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Permit Application

Use this link to download the fence permit application. This can be used by homeowners, fence companies and contractors alike. Fill out the application with details regarding your property and proposed fence. Once completely filled out and signed, turn it into the building department.

Proposed Layout

A detailed drawing/layout of the proposed fence must accompany your fence permit application. This proposed layout/drawing will need to include any buildings/structures on the property, any existing fences, walls, etc., and measurements of the proposed fence.

Neighbor Approvals

If you have a neighbor that shares a property line where you will be installing your new fence, you must have that neighbor fill out this Fence Affidavit form and submit it with your permit application. This form means the neighbor agrees to have the old fence removed and allow the new fence to be installed in the old location.

This form must be filled out and notarized.

Self-Maintenance Form

If you are having the new fence installed next to the old fence, then you can avoid a neighbor consent form by filling out a Owner Maintenance Affidavit Form instead. This means the existing fence will not be removed and the new fence will just be installed next to the old fence.

This form also much be filled out and notarized.

Fence Ordinances in Dearborn Heights MI.

Below is a brief overview of the fence ordinances for Dearborn Heights Michigan. This is not a complete or definite list and should never be used in support of a dispute. Click here to review the complete document of codes and ordinances regarding fences in Dearborn Heights.

Design & Height Requirements

Dearborn Heights is pretty easy going when it comes to the types fences allowed in the city. You can pretty much install any type of common fence such as vinyl, wood, chain link, aluminum fences. You can also install just about any style of these fences such as privacy fencing, picket fences, ornamental fences, etc.

The maximum height for fences in Dearborn Heights is 6 feet tall. The exception to this is any fencing that extends beyond the rear corners of your house. If you extend forward beyond the rear corners of your house, the fencing must be no taller than 4 feet tall. If you have a side door to your house or garage, it is possible that you can have your 6-ft tall privacy fence extend beyond the side door but not quite to the front corner of the house.

The finished/smooth side of all fences must face adjacent neighboring properties and cannot be installed facing your property. this means that all posts and supporting structures must be installed on your side of the fence so that the finished/smooth side of the fence faces your neighbors.

Location Requirements

In Dearborn Heights, only one fence is allowed to be installed per shared property line. the only exception to this is if the current fence on the property line is a chain link fence and you would like to install a privacy fence. In which case you are allowed to install the privacy fence alongside the existing chain link fence.

If you are installing a fence along a shared property line where a neighboring driveway exists. The new fence must be placed at least 3-ft away from the neighboring driveway to allow room for proper use of your neighbors driveway. The only exception to this is if your neighbor fills out and signs a neighbor approval form stating that they are okay with the fence being installed closer to the driveway.

A post hole inspection is required in the city of Dearborn Heights for all fences. What this means is that after your permit is approved, you must dig your post holes to a depth of 42 inches and then call the city inspector. At this point, the city inspector will come to your property and make sure that your post holes are dug to the proper depth and according to the approved layout in the permit paperwork. Once the hole inspection is approved, you can continue with setting the posts and finishing the fence.

Dearborn Heights MI Building Department Info

The Dearborn Heights building department is where you will find information that you need in regards to having your new fence installed. Details regarding permits, ordinances, and property information can be obtained here.


6045 Fenton Street. Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127

Phone Number

(313) 791-3470

Driving Directions

The Dearborn Heights city offices are located on the corner of Fenton Street and George Avenue. The building can be found in front of Van Houten Park and across the street from Caroline Kennedy Library.