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Fence Ordinances in Dearborn Michigan

Below is a brief overview of the fence ordinances for Dearborn Michigan. This is not a complete or definite list and should never be used in support of a dispute. Click here to review the complete document of codes and ordinances regarding fences in Dearborn.

Designs & Height Requirements

The city of Dearborn does not allow any privacy fences to be installed without first obtaining approval from the city zoning board. The closest thing to a privacy fence that is allowed is a semi-privacy fence, or a shadowbox fence. Dearborn is also strict about fence heights, only allowing you to build your fence at a maximum height of 5 feet tall. The exception to this is if you have a decorative lattice on the top of your fence, then you can have 5-ft of fencing PLUS 1-ft of decorative lattice for a total of 6 feet tall.

Other common -non-privacy- fences are allowed to be installed. These include chain link fencing, ornamental aluminum fences and vinyl picket fencing. In no situations can a fence with barbed wire, razor ribbon or any electric charges be installed on a residential property. The exception to this may be an in-ground invisible dog fence.

All fences must be installed with the finished side (also called the good side) facing adjacent neighbors. This means that the posts and all support rails must be installed on your side of the fence and the smooth side of the fence must face your neighbor. In our experience, there is no arguing this with the city though you always have the option to bring it to the zoning board of appeals.

Location Requirements

All fences installed in Dearborn must stop at the rear corners of the house and cannot extend forward towards the front corners of the house. The exception to this is if you have a side door providing access to the house. If you have a side door on your house, you may extend the fence up to 3-ft beyond the side door but not all the way to the front corner of your house. The city is pretty strict with this ordinance and will enforce a re-location of the fence if not followed.

If you have an addition built onto the back of the house, you may be able to extend the fence to the original back corners of the house which would end up extending beyond the rear corners of the addition.

Corner lot properties are tricky in Dearborn as the ordinance changes depending on which way your home faces in relation to which way your neighbors homes face, as well as considering the direction that your garage faces. In many instances, you may be able to install your fence into your side yard as long as you maintain at least 1-ft away from the public sidewalk. In other cases, your fence will have to run straight from the back corner of your house, directly to your garage, without extending towards the sidewalk. Again, it gets tricky and if you are a corner lot, it is best to check with the city on which layout will be allowed for you.

Fence Repairs in Dearborn Michigan

All fences in Dearborn must remain in good shape and without the need of repairs. The city inspector for Dearborn is known for being strict and may see your fence that is not in good shape and require you to get it repaired. We have only heard of this happening once in many years so it is not likely, but it can happen It is easy to keep your fence in good working condition and usually does not cost much to hire us for your fence repair in Dearborn. Often, this repair fee will cost less than the city fine for having a “janky” fence.

Fence Permit Requirements in Dearborn Michigan

The permit process at the city of Dearborn is quite easy but typically takes 2-3 weeks to be processed and receive approval. All you have to do it gather all of the required documents shown below and submit them to the city building department. After doing so, the paperwork will go through a review process and you will receive a call once it is approved.

The fence permit fee in Dearborn is $85.

Click Here to visit the official website for Dearborn Michigan.

Permit Application

Use this link to download the fence permit application. This can be used by homeowners, fence companies and contractors alike. Fill out the application with details regarding your property and proposed fence. Once completely filled out and signed, turn it into the building department.

Photo of proposed fence

A photograph or detailed spec drawing of your proposed fence must accompany your permit application. Typically a simple photograph of the fence style will suffice.

Proposed Layout (x2)

A detailed drawing/layout of the proposed fence must accompany your fence permit application. This proposed layout/drawing will need to include any buildings/structures on the property, any existing fences, walls, etc., and measurements of the proposed fence.

Neighbor Approvals

If you have a neighboring property that shares a property line where you will be installing your fence, you must have them fill out and sign the neighbor approval area of the permit application. Each sharing neighbor must fill out a form.

Dearborn Michigan Building Department Info

The Dearborn building department is where you will find information that you need in regards to having your new fence installed. Details regarding permits, ordinances, and property information can be


16901 Michigan Avenue
Dearborn, Michigan 48126

Phone Number

(313) 943-2000

Driving Directions

The city offices for Dearborn have recently moved to a new location. This new location is easily located on the South side of Michigan avenue just a few blocks East of Southfield Freeway.

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