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Fence Permit Requirements in Westland Michigan

The Westland Building Department has recently moved to a new location that is on Warren Road next to Westland Mall (The exact address and map can be found below). To obtain a fence permit in Westland, you simply need to apply by submitting all of the documents listed below and then once approved, you can stop in to pick up your permit. At Superior Fence, we will take care of all the permit paperwork for you if choose to hire our fence company to install your project!

The fence permit cost in Westland will have a flat rate of $75 + a percentage of the dollar amount of the proposed fence project.

Click Here to visit the official website for the city of Westland

Permit Application

Use this link to download the fence permit application. This can be used by homeowners, fence companies and contractors alike. Fill out the application with details regarding your property and proposed fence. Once completely filled out and signed, turn it into the building department.

Proposed Layout

A detailed drawing/layout of the proposed fence must accompany your fence permit application. This proposed layout/drawing will need to include any buildings/structures on the property, any existing fences, walls, etc., and measurements of the proposed fence.

Neighbor Approval Form(s)

If you have a neighboring property that shares a property line where you will be installing your fence, you must have that neighbor fill out this form and submit it with your permit application. Each sharing neighbor must fill out a form.

Fence Ordinances in Westland Michigan

Below is a brief overview of the fence ordinances for Westland Michigan. This is not a complete or definite list and should never be used in support of a dispute. Click here to review the complete document of codes and ordinances regarding fences in Westland.

  • A post hole inspection is required during construction. This means you must dig your post holes and have them inspected by the city inspector before setting your posts in cement.
  • All fence posts must be set at least 36″ deep. This is also the depth that the city will check for during the post hole inspection.
  • The maximum height for fences installed in a backyard is 6-ft tall.
  • No fencing may be installed beyond the rear corners of your house (along the sides of the house) unless you have a side door giving access into your home/garage. In this case, you may install your fence beyond the side door to keep that door enclosed within the fenced in area. Exceptions to this include some corner lots.
  • Split rail fences are allowed in front yards if they do not have more than 2 horizontal rails.

Westland Michigan Building Department Info

The Westland building department is where you will find information that you need in regards to having your new fence installed. Details regarding permits, ordinances, and property information can be obtained here.


36300 Warren Road Westland, Michigan 48185

Phone Number

(734) 467-3210

Driving Instructions

The Westland building department is located on the North side of Warren Road between Newburgh Road and Wayne Road. It can be found just one block West of Westland Mall and next door to Red Robin Restaurant.