3 Reasons to Install a Fence

They say good fences make good neighbors — but what if your home is currently fence-free? While many homeowners enjoy the perks of having a fence, not everyone feels the same way. To some, having a fence means closing their homes off from the rest of the properties on the block, and if you have a smaller lot, adding a fence could actually make your outdoor space feel more cramped than it needs to.

On the other hand, there are plenty of good reasons to put up a fence around your property. Here are a few to contemplate.

1. Privacy

Some people are social by nature and enjoy nothing more than an impromptu chat with a neighbor. But maybe you’re not that type. Maybe you want the option to spend some time gardening solo, lounging in the backyard with a book, or tossing a ball back and forth with your kids without having to struggle to make small talk. In that regard, a fence is a wonderful thing because it can give you instant privacy when you need it. No longer will other people be able to peer into your backyard to see what you’re up to; instead, they’ll have to listen for voices or use their imagination.

2. Safety and security

Having a fence is particularly valuable when you have children and pets for two reasons:

  • It keeps your kids and animals in.
  • It keeps uninvited visitors out.

With a fence, you may feel comfortable letting your younger children run around the yard while you sit on your deck reading or letting your dog run around unleashed. Having a fence is even more valuable if you live in a rural area with lots of wildlife (though in some cases, you’ll need a pretty tall fence to keep all those creatures away).

Furthermore, if you have a swimming pool, trampoline, or other potentially dangerous feature on your property, a fence is a good way to avoid accidents. In fact, in some cases, your town might actually mandate that you install one to prevent trespassers from getting hurt. And, depending on your carrier, installing a fence could save you some money on homeowners insurance.

3. Increased property value

Installing a fence is a great way to add value to your property. Not only might potential buyers appreciate the added privacy and security, but if you put up a fence that’s aesthetically pleasing, you could end up boosting your home’s curb appeal.

A smart investment

Though putting up a fence isn’t a cheap prospect, it’s also not the most expensive home improvement you might encounter. The average cost of putting up a fence is $2,761, reports HomeAdvisor, though ultimately, your costs will depend on the size of your property and the materials you choose to utilize.

Keep in mind that on top of your initial investment, you’ll be required to maintain your fence through the years. For a wooden fence, that generally means painting, sanding, or sealing it when it starts to show signs of wear and tear. For a vinyl fence, that could mean renting a pressure washer once a year and giving it a thorough clean.

If you’re reasonably handy, you might manage to put up a fence yourself, but keep in mind that to do so, you’ll need a vehicle large enough to haul the materials required from a hardware store to your property. As such, you may be better off leaving the job to local professionals.

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